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In 2007 our travels took us to Tuscany from mid to the end of October. As we drove by vineyards we noticed the olive trees providing the greenish-gray contrast to the vineyard colors. We also onserved crews of workers harvesting the olives. Rakes, some mechanical, were used on the higher branches to comb the olives from the tree. Olives on the lower branches were picked by hand. Almost every winery we visited had vineyards and olive groves. Most of the wineries sent their olives to a co-op to have them processed into olive oil. However, at Fèlsina in Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena we observed them extracting their own olive oil. Fèlsina specializes in single variety olive oils.

This section of the Food site will include articles about olive oil producers, general background articles about olive oil and recipes that use olive oil.




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