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Our first attempt to make cheese didn't quite work out as we planned, however it was far from a disaster. We were told to make Mozzarella cheese and told to use a specific recipe that can be found on the Internet. Well we thought we followed the recipe exactly however the cheese never managed the consistency of fresh Mozzarella. It was spreadable like peanut butter. A cheesemaker told us if it tasted good that was fine. It did taste good. From the leftover whey we made Ricotta cheese that turn out as expected. So now we'll continue our adventures into cheese making and hope to have better success. It should be noted that several winemakers confessed that they too tried to make Mozzarella cheese and were not happy with the way it turned out.

Read articles about creameries and cheese listed on the sidebar. Recipes with cheese are included and will be added to continually.




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