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Trickling Springs Creamery

Trickling Springs Creamery
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

When visiting Chambersburg, a historic city in Pennsylvania, be sure to stop by Trickling Springs Creamery for a bite to eat and a chance to see the process. The site for Trickling Springs Creamery includes the boutique processing plant and a country store.

We enjoyed our visit to Trickling Springs Creamery, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania where we talked with Joe Miller to discover what makes Trickling Springs special. The owners started the creamery in 2001. They wanted to build a creamery including a country store.

The Trickling Springs Creamery country store offers a laidback atmosphere with a large walk-around counter where lunch can be ordered. A window offers views of the processing of milk. The ready to sell refrigerated milk is at the back of the store. Ice cream selections are to the right of the counter. Cookie jars filled with large homemade-style cookies are enticing. Milk and cookies anyone? You will not want to leave the store without both. Or perhaps you would like to enjoy a milkshake, sundae or ice cream while visiting. If you are looking for a sandwich, they have all kinds and the staff is more than happy to help you. Small tables to the side are available or purchase your food and enjoy it on one of several hexagon finished picnic tables just outside.

The milk used at the creamery is obtained from local farmers whose cows are grass fed. The farmers do not use synthetics and only use antibiotics if absolutely necessary.

The milk is processed at much lower temperatures than the traditional milk available at grocery stores and box warehouses. The FDA requires milk to be pasteurized at 160 degrees F. Most processors heat milk to well above 200 degrees F. High heat destroys enzymes and proteins that are important in producing cheese. Trickling Springs Creamery heats their milk to about 165 degrees F thus preserving many enzymes and proteins. For this reason home cheesemakers may want to consider using Trickling Springs milk when making cheese.

Trickling Springs Creamery produces an array of dairy products. Currently cheese is produced off-site. The creamery offers several milk options including organic milk, whole milk, half and half and more. Trickling Springs products are minimally processed.

Look for a variety of milks in many bottle styles including a refillable bottle. A two-dollar deposit is required for glass bottles. Each glass bottle has year of origin on it. It’s enjoyable to look for the oldest bottle in use.

Our tour took us past two 18,500-gallon tanks in the raw milk storage room. The milk then goes to the processing room. A special mixer is used for producing chocolate milk and eggnog. In many ways the creamery reminded us of a winery with stainless steel and an emphasis on cleanliness.
The goals of the creamery owners include producing artisan products and supporting the local farms.





Trickling Springe Creamery




Trickling Springs Creamery products are available at their onsite country store and through a number of retail stores. Various retail shops are located in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington D.C.

Trickling Springs Creamery Products

Whole Milk
2% Milk
Non-fat Milk
Half & Half
Heavy Cream
All Natural Eggnog
Organic Chocolate Milk
Natural Chocolate Milk

Organic Salted Butter
Organic UnSalted Butter
Natural Fresh Salted Butter
Natural Farm Fresh UnSalted Butter

Baby Swiss
Smoked Cheddar
Tomato Basil Cheddar
Jalapeño Cheddar

Ice Cream
More than 25 varieties: Besides the traditional ice cream flavors, look for NY St. Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon Chiffon, Coconut Chip Almond, Grapenut and Butter Brickle.

The Trickling Springs Creamery country store offers quality dairy products and a fun experience.

Trickling Springs Creamery
2330 Molly Pitcher Hwy.

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17202

GPS: N39º 54.266’ W77º 40.330’


Trickling Springs Creamery





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