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Azienda Agricola ZOFF

Azienda Agricola ZOFF

Our second stop, for our familiarization trip with writers from the 2013 IWINETC (sponsored by Strada del Vino e Sapori Friuli, Venezia, Giulia) was in the Goriziano Provence of Friuli. We visited Azienda Agricola ZOFF. The Zoff family warmly welcomed us as soon as we stepped off the bus.

This is a family farm and creamery with a focus on cheese making, and a bed and breakfast. Our primary interest for the visit was the cheese making. The milk is from the Zoff’s dairy cows. In crafting cheese, the Zoffs do not use a cheese press. All of their products cheese and yogurt are made on the farm with their own dairy milk. Our guide and cheese maker noted that cheese here is different than from other parts of the world due to the different terroir All of the cows' feed is grown on the farm. No chemicals are used on the farm.

The Zoffs follow family traditions in making cheese. Cheese making at Azienda Agricola ZOFF is the same way their ancestors did things in the past. The cheese is made with raw milk from the Zoffs own Pezzata Rossa Italiana cows that they have been raising for three generations.

Today the farm has a boutique shop resembling a small fairy tale cottage for selling their natural cheeses and yogurts. Products are also available online. The tasting room is located in what was once a stable but now is a homey spot to enjoy tasting the cheese and hearing more about the Zoff’s agritourism enterprise. In the tasting room, warmed by a large stove, we tasted several of the Zoff’s cheeses and their traditional yogurt. The last tasting of a dessert style yogurt was noted to be “better than heaven.”


Azienda Agricola ZOFF




Azienda Agricola ZOFF

Cheese Types

The Zoffs family makes several types of cheese. “We make cheese to provide nutrition for people rather than just food.” Ricotta was a very mild cheese. Mozzarella was a soft mild cheese. Latteria, a hard cheese and also a second Latteria that was aged longer was a lighter flavor with rose petals. Caciotta with thyme had stronger flavors. In addition to cheese the Zoffs also produce yogurt.

Cheese Products
Crema di latte
Formaggio Latteria Cormòns
Formaggio Caciotta aromatizzata
Formaggio Fossa di Cormòns
Cofanetto aromatico
Cofanetto della tradizione
Cofanetto degustazione
Formaggio Caciotta di Cormòns

Yogurt Products
Yogurt bianco intero
Cofanetto yogurt e crema di latte

Bed and Breakfast
The Zoffs have five guest rooms available on their farm. Visitors who stay the night will wake up to a breakfast of all natural foods.

If you are looking for a real life farm experience and enjoy cheese or yogurt consider spending a few days at Azienda Agricola ZOFF. Use the lodging as a base to discover and learn more about Friuli region including winemaking and history.

Azienda Agricola ZOFF
Via Parini, 18
34071 Borgnano GO, Italy


Azienda Agricola ZOFF




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