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Fromagerie Gaugry

Fromagerie Gaugry

Gaugry is a large family owned French cheese maker in Burgundy’s Dijon region. Gaugry concentrates on producing fresh cheese. The front of the building is curved of shiny metal and gleaming glass. Immediately inside the cheese shop is filled with aromas and views of numerous styles of cheese. Local cheese and gourmet products are also available.

Visitors who want a tour can walk through the shop to the other side where a door allows one to walk through a glass enclosed gallery that has videos as well as views of the workers creating cheese. Their most popular cheese is Apreil.

On the day of our visit, at the first window we viewed workers washing the cheese by hand. Depending on the style, the cheese may be washed with a salt/water solution or with spirits. Videos along the corridor add to the value of visiting the Gaugry. We learned that whey is a byproduct of making cheese. Gaugry collects the whey and sends it to a company that makes methane gas. Gaugry uses the methane gas for about 40 percent of their energy needs.


Gaugry was started in 1946. In the beginning they made butter and yogurt. One time while playing cards and drinking brandy they put some brandy on some simple homemade cheese. It was so good that his friends said he had to make it and sell it.


Fromagerie Gaugry




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Cheese Types

Wine and Cheese Tasting

An ornate room adjacent to the creamery store offers a delightful spot to try several cheeses with a glass of wine.

Cheese Selections

Topper, the Ami du Chambertin
The AOC Epoisses
Puck De Bourgogne
From the Ash Vergy
Petit Le Creux
Pleasure In Chablis
Small Gaugry

Fromagerie GAUGRY
RN 74 - BP 40 

21220 Brochon, France

Gaugry website


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