Adopting an Olive Tree!

Adopt an olive tree with NudoAdopt

For Christmas, we received a wonderful gift of olive oil. This olive oil gift is unique as it involves an adoption of an olive tree at an artisan producer in Italy. Shortly after receiving notice of our gift, we registered with Nudo Adopt. Our adoption tree will be ours for one year and we have the option of renewing the adoption for another year.

When registering we needed to choose the region in Italy where we wanted our olive tree. Participants can register to have their adopted olive tree located in one of three regions of Italy: Le Marche, Sicily or Liguria. To help decide which region we wanted our olive tree to be growing, the Nudo website offers a profile of each olive grove.

After registering with Nudo, we received a nice bundled package that included three 250ml cans of olive oil. Each can was slightly different and included: Olive and Garlic Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Chillies and Olive and Lemon Oil. All of the oils were made with 100% Italian olives.

A small pamphlet accompanying the olive oils describes the growth of the olives beginning with early spring.

Our next delivery of olive oil will take place after the olives are harvested and processed. According to the Nudo website under Will I get any olive oil from my tree? “All adoptive parents receive a Spring Delivery of three tins of extra virgin olive oil, provided the adoption has been registered. This ‘represents’ the produce form your tree. We say ‘represents’ because we don’t press the olives from each tree one by one. Instead we pick several trees at once and divide the resulting oil between the adoptive parents.”

Anyone who travels to the Italian region  where their adopted tree is growing is able to visit “their” tree, if the company is given enough notice.

For us this was a great gift as we enjoy using high quality olive oils in our everyday cooking.

For those who enjoy drinking tea, Nudo also offers a tea garden. Check the tea gardens out on the Nudo site.