7 New Year’s Cheese Resolutions

Considering this is only the 4th day of 2013, there is still time to create a list of resolutions for the New Year. Below is a list of several cheese related suggestions to add to your 2013 resolutions. Enjoy!

1. Tour a local artisan creamery. Not all creameries are the same; check before you go to make certain the creamery produces cheese and that they offer tours.

2. Discover different artisanal cheeses. Each month try a different type.

3. Keep a cheese journal. As you try different types of cheese, keep notes including how you used the cheese, where the cheese was made and where you purchased it.

4. Make feta cheese at home using milk that is pasteurized at the minimum FDA requirements. (Most milk is pasteurized at much higher temperatures.)

5. Attend at least one cheese festival. Frequently cheese vendors will also be available at wine and food festivals.

6. Support your local farmer’s market by finding one that has locally made cheese.

7. Check cheese making websites for recipes to add to your personal cookbook.

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